Elder Scam Abuse

June 4, 2024
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Elder Scam Abuse

Elder Scam Abuse

According to the Kansas Bankers Association, (KBA), the elder community has been the main target for scammers.  Over 9 billion dollars has been lost to this type of fraud in 2023.  The KBA has been trying to put a stop to this type of fraud by creating the #familycodewordcampaign.  As shown in the video, creating a family code word could help protect you and your family from falling victim to this type of scam. Your bank will never ask for your password or debit card number.

If you believe you may have fallen for this type of scam, contact your local bank immediately.

kba_codeword_psa_for_socialmedia_37sec (1080p) on Vimeo

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